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Perfect Dream madrass

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Product description Serta Perfect Dream.

Great-value spring mattress bags of semi-hard lovers of comfort.

The spring system is made up of several bags, placed into cases, communication with internal spring.
As a result, it offers the possibility of continuous sleep lying partners without interfering with each
other movements. The spring is a 260db square meters located in the body is supported by the most appropriate way,
this addition is twice as durable as the standard spring shapes. It is well known that the human body five main point
is pressed against the mattress, the spring-bag system so that the most appropriate design of the body, providing
five different zones caused the resurrection, and normalizes blood pressure, and reduce to a minimum uncomfortable having to turn around.

A Perfect Dream mattress:

  • spring-bag system
  • height 32cm
  • 25mm memory foam
  • single-sided mattress does not have to rotate

    Thanks to the top, visually separated from the mattress comfort layer side sleeper is strongly recommended because they
    do not push your shoulders, hips, not hinder blood circulation, thereby offering a relaxing sleep experience.
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